Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

train for fly



..TRAIN FOR FLY the first performed at July,10th in Bandung West Java Indonesia when Upey invite, Ogtha(voices), Arie(drum), Ichal(guitar) and Angga(bass) to make a new band with background a new generation of emotion rock!! and we have a dreams to become a biggest band on future and for it's we always working and keep compact!! The name of "TRAIN FOR FLY" we used because we didn't like as train that always running on the train away,we hope fly to do heaven and it's something amazing!! "many people's have discrimination feel..but don't more people's that always support us!! "be yourself guy's!! and "don't hear a people's suck!!" it's that always say from the best friends to me."you must believe me!! train for fly will become success band from Bandung to industries music indie label and maybe you can hear the songs every time's and every where..amien" " I wish you can always support us!! I wish you can pray Train For Fly exist yesterday , today and the day's after tomorrow." The Last Words ; ' ' THANKS EVERYBODY TO SUPPORT US..

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