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Shaggy Dog was formed in Sayidan, a small neighbourhood on the banks of a suburban river which flows through the heart of Yogyakarta, a quiet and regal city. On the 1st of June 1997, Shaggy Dog consisted of a couple of fun partners: Heru, Richard, Raymond, Bandizt, Lilik and Yoyo’ all of which agreed upon creating their very own special brew of song, ‘Doggy Style’: a mix of ska, reggae, jazz, swing and rock. Vibes from The Cherry Poppin Daddies, Hepcat, Bob Marley, Long Beach Dub Allstars to name a few, along with the ups and downs of daily life, colour the Dog’s sound.

As time went by, the boys played gig after gig, in malls, cafes, headlining college music festivals and in 1999 they released their first self-titled LP, under the management of their own label, ‘Doggy House’. Their debut album sold a staggering 20,000 copies and could be heard all over the archipelago. Due to the demands of touring, the boys threw the book at the man and chucked in their academic ‘careers’ to devote their time solely to the band.

After a hiatus of 2 years, in 2001 Shaggy Dog released their second album ‘Bersama’, with little back-up or support. The album was really a labour of love; the manager pawning his bike, the boys seen busking to raise bus money home. Not as romantic as it sounds…

2003 was to be the break that the boys needed. Head hunted by EMI Indonesia, Shaggy Dog was to turn major. Not only did the deal help their financial situation, cracking a deal with a major label helped them reach the kind of notoriety they could only dream of. Ears all over Asia pricked up and saw the guys being invited to be part of a Japanese compilation, “Asian Ska Foundation” which featured Ska from all over the continent.

Finally, in 2004 the boys got the incredible opportunity to play at the Festival Mundial in Tilburg, The Netherlands invited by the FESTIVAL MUNDIAL PRODUCTION. Not bad for a couple of pissy lads from downtown Yogyakarta!

It sure has been a bumpy ride for Shaggy Dog, filled with blood sweat and tears and plenty of booze. There is sure to be more to come…

from some compilation with the foreign bands and with some good connection, people began to recognize shaggydog, 2004,shaggydog signed a tour contract with festival mundial.they hit the road for 14 gigs and 8 cities in holland,and get a chance to records some of their songs in wisselord studio.this studio also records some of the greatest names in history,like the police,Metallica,mick jagger,etc.

because of some reason, in 2005 shaggydog decided to resign from EMI indonesia,this resign causing the delay of upcoming album release. then they decide to join POPS records in 2006, this time the production of the album is totally on their hands.

shaggydog hit the solo tour one more time in holland on march 2006 under the festival mundial production.they hit on the road for 11 cities…

for now shaggydog still working hard to mix a good songs for their next album..all songs recorded at their own studio,Doggyhouse.

AnggotaHeru aka Trojan - vox n toasting,firestarter + Richard aka DUBLeh - guitar,back vox,liqs king + Raymond aka DUZ - guitar,mr kool + Ody aka Bandizt - bass,tattoos organizer + Liliq aka MBEL - keys,snore,travelling n tripping + Yoyo aka YoyoN - drums,original junglist +

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