Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Answer For Tomorrow

Answer For Tomorrow
Answer For Tomorrow was formed in mid 2006 , we have mission to provide our best masterpiece to music world esspecially for Indonesia and Bandung who have history made million musician! we want be part of them, and promise me we will ! we put Rock/Screamo as our genre , we ready to give the best quality of music, easy listening and still give u chance to keep your head bangers! We choose Answer For Tomorrow as the name of the Band cz we are know how to give u all spirit and give u all knowldge what is live for! . we change formation many time good and worse thing we done it all, and for now hopefully for ever our Formation is Galva (Vocal), Dinar (Lead Guitar / Back Voc) Rega (guitar), Margie (Bass) and Rezza (drums) we ready to jazz up."We wont suffer,Be broken, surrender is nothing! Get Wasted, or give up" cz we don't have to be great to get started, but we have to get started to be great.and we will Do what we can, where we are, and with what we have! That is our Motto it mean that we will never give up to work hard to keep make a good music! , talk less. support us, listen our song, burn your heart beat, and enjoy our freakin show! .

AnggotaGalva ( Vocal )

Dinar ( Guitar 1 )

Margie ( Bassist )

Rezza (Drum)

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