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Losing Friends was formed in mid-2005 (high school days) consisted Reyan (Vocal), Topan (Bass), Yogi (Guitar), Subhan (Drum), Beginning from our hobby, playing and interest in emotional rock music that began to bloom and reached its peak at that time. We bring strong desire to create a new color on the flow of this kind of music at Bogor city in particular, Indonesia, and even the world. To realize that, we took Ami to fill violin in a few tracks of our record.

Each of us has different tastes of music, therefore music that we invented is music that armed Idealism and the impact we got from our idols, so that we could say "our music is our feelings and (still) not influenced by any commercial" and wanted us to enjoy our own and convey to you all.

Like every band, many obstacles came in our growth. Praise and scolding, the crisis of ideas, even the busyness that forces us to make many changes, enough to risk the survival of Losing Friends.

In the early 2008, Losing Friends formed fixed formations (hopefully), we are Andiesha Reyan (vocals), Arieffiandi Yogi (guitar), Ardian Reviandi (guitar), Taufan Rahmat (bass), Febiancha (violin), and Nurdin Subhan ( Drum). We thank God that we have issued an EP titled Miserable Goodbye containing 7 songs with all the effort and sacrifice. A mini-launching was held on 30 August 2008 which located in Bogor Pangrango Plaza 5th Floor is also enlivened by our friends local band.

Between 2011 - 2012 , Ancha, Revi, and Topan were decided to resign due to something we got 3 boys who are ready to rock your minds.
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